Open For Partnership, Build Our Future Together!


National Partner (Agent)

Characteristics: your area, your decision. That is: according to the size and development level of the country, the world is divided into several levels before regional authorization is carried out to establish agent relations. The authorization does not include our product sales in the agent area of global franchise.


Customized Self-Operation Model

Characteristics: enterprise customization and independent management.
Definition: According to their own market scenarios and product characteristics, users put forward special requirements to our company, including but not limited to: container size, cabinet structure, different function on different section, payment channel, Customer-side and 
Business-side R&D, operation and maintenance, etc. We will fulfill customer’s needs, and the specific price is negotiable .


Leasing Model (Singapore only)

Characteristics: independent delivery, independent supply, independent distribution.
Definition: The investor obtains the right to operate the AI Box with a deposit, and operates autonomously in the agreed area. We accrue on monthly rental fee.
The specific methods are different due to the difference in the number of leases, container types, payment methods and agreement time, so we will not introduce them one by one here, and we welcome any negotiation in person.


Business Collaboration Model

(Singapore only)

Characteristics : zero risk and more freedom!
Definition: Participants have their own channels or social resources, have the ability to develop booths and outlet layouts, and have the ability to 
introduce investors, purchasers or operators, etc. but they do not participate in operations and are suitable for this model.

Regarding outlet quality and agreement, we will give a one-time or long-term commission.

Global area classification

The number and conditions of various regional agents