Our Services

We make it simple for you!

Have you encountered any of these situations?

Too rush for your breakfast?

OT till very late?

Pantry biscuits are almost the same throughout the whole year?

Lunch time but engaged in a very important project that you don’t want to be interrupted your train of thoughts?

Got prolonged meetings with clients but food delivery is very slow?

We have a smart solution for you!

Our energy recharging station provide you the most convenient supplies within your office, 1 meter away from your seats!

Time saving, cost saving ,energy recharging!

Just as simple as 3 steps: scan, pay, enjoy!

Free Delivery!

Free sign up, Free facilities (snack Kiosk), Hassle Free & no logistics (we take care of replenishment). Snacks & drinks, right at your fingertips in your office!