What We Do

EASY M was established in Singapore in 2018 and with its headquarter in Singapore. The company began to invest in AI technology at the beginning of its establishment, especially in the application of new retail. It is currently a strategic investor in Wuhan Tuguanjia Network Technology Co., Ltd., a well-known AI Smart vending machine technology and manufacturer in China. EASY M launched unmanned kiosk in Singapore in 2019 and used APP and SGQR codes for payment to test the requirements of Singapore customers for procurement, supply chain, logistics and after-sale services. In the second half of 2020, the “AI BOX” brand was officially registered. After introducing the AI ​​Smart vending machine series of products from China, it was re-designed in Singapore, to add on credit card payment system and background management software etc and the promotion in the Singapore market began.

At present, EASY M is not only the global (non-China) strategical partner of the AI ​​BOX series of smart vending machines, but also responsible for the sales and leasing of AI BOX in Singapore and other markets. At the same time, it will continue to invest in R&D and collaborate with other partners in Singapore, in order to upgrade the AI ​​BOX’s software and hardware systems to continuously meet the various needs of international customers.

What We Can Do

We provide retail enterprises or individual entrepreneurs with unmanned retail equipment and after-sale services through the sales and leasing of AI BOX, saving them manpower and rental costs, and enabling them to operate 24-hour so that their sales and Profits can increase substantially.

At the same time, through software upgrades and big data related analysis, we provide customers in need with integrated membership system, APP, CRM, corporate wallet, and online stores etc. Through automated background management and consumer behavior analysis, and based on big data, we can provide customers with precise marketing strategies to greatly increase their operational and financial efficiency.

Our Vision

1. Contribute to Singapore’s Smart Nation move, become a leading brand in Singapore’s new retail, and helping 1,000 retail organization to transform and upgrade in three years.

2. Localization of software and hardware production and upgrades, to expand AI BOX series of products globally, using Singapore as a home base, to establish global service system, make Singapore product AI BOX as a world-class brand.

3. Eventually become the world’s leading technology company with AI products as the front-end and big data analysis as the back-end.

Our Milestone


The company was established in Singapore and strategically invested in Wuhan Tuguanjia Network Technology Co., Ltd.


Operated unmanned Kiosks in 2019, tested APP, supply chain, logistics and after-sale service.


The introduction of smart AI vending machines, registration of the AI BOX trademark and upgrade of global payment system, making AI BOX the first smart vending machine with AI Dynamic Visual recognition technology in Singapore.





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EASY M公司新产品AI BOX顺利在新加坡发布

EASY M公司新产品AI BOX顺利在新加坡发布


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今年,突如其来的新冠肺炎疫情给不少行业造成了巨大冲击。不过,对于无人零售来说,同时也带来了需求和机遇。为了阻止疫情进一步扩散,各国正不遗余力地减少人际社交接触,无形中催生了对于无人零售、无接触式购物的庞大需求。10月6日,由中国制造的动态视觉识别智能售货机AI BOX落户新加坡并投入使用,这也是新加坡引进的首台

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